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C. M. Teknon (www.teknon.es) was founded in 1994 (Barcelona, Spain) and currently belongs to the Quirónsalud Group. Since its founding, it has been a leading European center for pioneering techniques and a roster of prestigious physicians and surgeons, who have progressively elevated their prestige throughout these more than two decades. Teknon Medical Center has the prestigious North American accreditation Joint Commission International (JCI) that certifies that the center has high standards of quality, safety and patient care (Gold Seal Approval). It is the only hospital in Spain that has managed to re-establish its quality of care for the fifth time in a row and thus becomes one of the 16 centers worldwide that manages to obtain this accreditation in the area of ​​hospitals on five consecutive occasions and maintains it since 2002.

The JCI accreditation is an international public acknowledgment of the care provided by the hospital, which demonstrates that the center meets all the JCI quality standards, to date considered the institution with the highest technical competence of the health sector to evaluate the quality care.

After surpassing five evaluations, Teknon reached in September of 2016 its fifth re-accreditation. To prove the quality of the whole organization JCI evaluates more than 1400 parameters directly or indirectly linked to the processes of care and patient care by a team of external medical evaluators and nurses national and international. This evaluation has included reviewing all clinical and support areas, care processes, as well as interviews with professionals and patients

The center has 209 single rooms (13 Royal Suites and 6 Suites). The intensive care area has 14 beds. It also has 2 Day Hospitals (17 and 14 boxes), as well as an Emergency area open every day of the year.The medical office area has 2 buildings with 150 consultations, and direct access to the parking and clinic. Dr. Pere Mir visits in the Medical Office 10 (Consultants Marquesa Building, phone 00-34-935951710), next to the prestigious group of the Aliaga Institute, with great national and international recognition in Barcelona in the treatment of pain. The clinics have been completely renovated (2017) and also have a specific area to perform radio and ecoguided infiltrations that allow to apply the latest techniques more to our patients.Centro Médico Teknon has the international program (www.teknonbarcelona.com/en/international-visitors-program) that takes into account the needs and comfort of its international patients. As a result, before, during and after admission, Teknon offers you an assistant of this program to offer comprehensive and personalized attention in your own language.In the area of ​​Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, 6 powerful arguments (www.teknon.es) stand out:

  1. The high super-specialization of the team of Orthopedic Traumatologists and Surgeons who have extensive experience in surgeries and treatments in very specific areas.
  2. The use of minimally invasive techniques and microsurgery, which reduce the risks of the intervention, reduce the stay in the hospital and allow the user a better recovery.
  3. The center has state-of-the-art technology, which allows the exact location of the lesion to be treated in the operating room, allowing greater precision and better clinical results.
  4. The center’s specialists are pioneers in R & D & I in tissue engineering by applying adult stem cells for purposes of bone regeneration, articular cartilage, intervertebral disc and peripheral nerve.
  5. For the international training of specialists in Traumatology of Teknon Medical Center, who have made different stays abroad to gain knowledge and experience in the leading European and American centers.
  6. The specialists work in the hand of the Unit of Medicine and Surgery without Blood in those cases in which the patient wishes to undergo the intervention without the use of external blood nor hemoderivatives.

In short, a center of great prestige, with a powerful recognition and internationally proven reputation.