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    EXOGEN system to reduce the healing time of a fracture

    EXOGEN system to reduce the healing time of a fracture


    EXOGEN system to reduce the healing time of a fracture

    Dr Pere Mir


    The consolidation time of a fracture (healing time) is one of the main problems once the initial risks of any fracture type are overcome. Many factors influence the determination of the total time in which it can consolidate (heal) a fracture: mechanism of action (high or low energy), initial displacement of the fragments, quality of reduction, initial time without immobilizing, bone quality (osteoporosis, osteomalacia,…), type of bone, location of the fracture within the bone, smoking, obesity, diabetes, treatments (corticoids, chemotherapy, radiation therapy,…), type of surgical technique (if necessary),…

    We are limited in offering treatments to ensure fracture consolidation, minimize the complications of too long immobilization times, and shorten the total consolidation or healing time.

    THE EXOGEN treatment allows to shorten consolidation times in a primary fracture, reduce the time of immobilization, reduce the consolidation time in healing delays and improve the consolidation rate in pseudoarthrosis, that is, when there is no consolidation after a few months, without surgery.

    It is especially indicated in comminute fractures (with many fragments), in athletes (sportsman), in patients who need to reduce the time of inactivity or the time of immobilization, when you have a maximum recovery time (inescapable future appointments), when you cannot operate, advanced age, stress fracture, bone transport, osteotomies, arthrodesis, …, and in patients under certain conditions (smokers, obese, diabetics, corticosteroid treatment,…). It cannot be used close to growth cartilage in patients under 16 years of age, metastasis fractures or severe circulatory problems in the application area. It also cannot be used in the spine and skull.

    It consists of the application of a terminal (such as a bracelet connected to a small generator) about 20 minutes a day over the area to be treated (youtu.be/uUoBnVammQ8). Use low-intensity ultrasonic pulsations (LIPUS system) without any side effects. The point of application is determined by our professionals who are delivered in a scheme to the patient/family, along with bone references to be able to reproduce that point even without any mark or signal on the skin. All this allows showering, bathing and making a normal life, except for the 20 minutes of daily application that are performed at the patient’s home. The terminal screen marks the number of sessions and the time of each session. It can be applied over a cast or plaster. Treatments can typically range from 2 to 5 months, depending on many factors (especially those referred before defining the total consolidation time of a fracture). Your doctor should monitor your progress once every 3 weeks.

    To have this system you can visit us at the Teknon Clinic Consultation number 10 (Barcelona, Spain, 935951710, www.drperemir.com), after the study of the fracture we are in a position to start treatment in a week. You must provide us the tests has been done to you (radiography, CT, resonance, scintigraphy,…). Reducing the consolidation time of a fracture is to gain quality of life, and our goal is to turn your downtime into healing time.


    Dr Pere Mir


    Exogen System (description) https://youtu.be/uUoBnVammQ8

    Exogen system with plaster https://youtu.be/igfxIRyAsBk



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