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    The synovial cyst in the knee of Luis Suárez

    The synovial cyst in the knee of Luis Suárez


    The synovial cyst in the knee of Luis Suarez

    Dr. Pere Mir

    October 15th 2017


    Luis Suarez (FC Barcelona player) has had two months with discomfort in his right knee. Tests performed showed the presence of a posterior capsule lesion and now the presence of a synovial cyst (cyst filled with fluid in the posterior area of ​​the knee). He has intermittent discomfort that has no risk to his knee or to play, although it is difficult to predict his evolution. Thirty percent of synovial cysts are undiagnosed and never diagnosed. Of those diagnosed, approximately 30% end up with surgical resection, especially those located in the meniscal wall or posterior part of the knee (in the popliteal area). There are two main reasons for its surgical resection: the increase of pain or the increase of size (that would end up causing other consequences).

    Symptoms can be treated with physiotherapy that can sometimes lower the volume (which is the main problem) and can also be punctured to empty if they cannot be operated at a specific time (there is an option to puncture corticosteroids, which usually recur). It is the typical pathology that in an elite athlete can be operated at the end of the season, but in this case, you have to remember that the World Cup will be played in 2018 (June 14 to July 15), and I do not think Luis Suarez accept the risk of not arriving again (already happened in 2014) in excellent shape to that competition. Neither Dr Alberto Pan (Uruguayan team) nor Dr Ricard Pruna (FC Barcelona) are in favor of operating now.

    His other knee (left knee) is the knee of the miracle. On Thursday May 22, 2014 was operated in Montevideo from the external meniscus by Dr. Luis Francescoli (brother of the famous player Enzo Francescoli). Only 29 days later Luis Suarez scored two goals against England in Group D of the World Cup. 29 days!!! The 5 keys to this were the good work of the kinesiologist Walter Ferreira, the excellent muscular tone with which he arrived at the surgery (he had just finished the Premier League as a top goal scorer with 31 goals), avoiding a meniscal suture and opting for a meniscectomy in the surgery, immediate loading and leaving the crutches early.The most spectacular precedent is that of Franco Baresi: injured (June 23) and operated in the USA World Cup, he reached the final (July 17) and kicked one of the penalties that Brazil won. 24 days!!! In our country we have Luka Modric (01-10-2016 to 06-11-2016) who returned to play 36 days after his knee arthroscopy due to patellar chondral lesion, still more complex than meniscal injuries (Dr. Manuel Leyes, Madrid).Luis Suárez’s right knee was injured on August 17, 2017 (in the Super Cup final won by FC Barcelona to Real Madrid) resulting in a partial rupture of the posterior knee capsule and the synovial cyst has been derived as a consequence of that injury. The Baker cyst, in its different variants, is the one that is associated as more frequently with the posterior capsule lesion. It is a type of cyst filled with fluid from the joint and has a valvular mechanism that can refill (more often) and empty it.The synovial cyst of the knee of Luis Suárez I do not think that it will keep us worried for a long time, now he has returned to score and that means that we have it deflated, there we want it for the moment. But any time of the season this can change. The month of November (November 6th) can be key because it is the best time of the season when all the interests come together, to highlight the pause of selections and the calendar of his club.  Dr. Pere Mir

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  • Posted by Jorge Durango on Sunday October 29th, 2017, 10:25 PM

    Necesitamos a Luis Suarez en el próximo Mundial, espero que todas sus predicciones sean acertadas Doctor. Gracias por ayudarnos a entender mejor el problema de la rodilla de Luis.

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    • Posted by Dr Pere Mir on Sunday October 29th, 2017, 10:30 PM
      in reply to Jorge Durango

      Gracias por tus comentarios Jorge. Luis va a estar en el próximo Mundial y hacia allí va a enfocar toda su temporada, ya acudió limitado al del 2014 y él sabe que al 100% puede aspirar a objetivos importantes en un Mundial, no en vano en estos momentos se encuentra entre los 5 mejores delanteros centros ("9") del mundo. Saludos.

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